“The mind sees only what it looks for,

and looks only for what it has in mind”



According to Chaos Theorists, attraction is what influences any system towards order. All creation myths refer to an organizing power which acts upon the chaos then in existence and causes division and order to manifest there by creating the world or universe.

This same attraction principle is constantly at work in our lives. The ideas and beliefs that we have decided to accept about ourselves are attracting those conditions and things to us all the time – we are a constant self fulfilling prophecy!

This proves us right, our thoughts manifest, but does this get us to where we want to be?

When things don’t go according to plan, it is the thoughts and beliefs of others that, once vocalised to us act as friction to slow down and often stop our self-fulfilling prophecies. Sometimes this is good, most times it is bad!

Our lives seem to swing from order to chaos and back again in a constant evolutionary progression in what Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist, referred to as the pattern of life. This is a vital ingredient for our real purpose here on Earth – the evolution of our Soul through successive cycles of strain and ease. The quality of our thinking determines our level of development, and determines which lessons we most need to learn. The joys and problems, we attract into our lives are a direct result of what we are thinking. Once we understand the circumstance, we can change our thoughts and change our lives!

Wellness is a constant observation and editing of our thought process to keep our thoughts in line with our goals, and our goals in line with our intention. It is not the achievement of goals that is important, but rather what we experience and learn while achieving them!

Dream it, experience it, dream some more!

Take some this week to explore the patterns of your life:


What are the recurring problems you face?

What are the lessons behind these patterns?

What would your life be like if you had already learned these lessons?

What would you like to attract into your life?