“To thine own self be true”

William Shakespeare

How much of your dis-ease, unhappiness, worry, illness and other external manifestations of inner turmoil is created by your perceived need to respond to other peoples stuff?

Last night I was watching a series on my laptop. I started to feel depressed, insecure, and overwhelmed. I paused the video file and went to make a cup of tea, all the time wondering why I was feeling down. I had had a great day and was rewarding myself by watching a show, but I was now depressed, insecure, overwhelmed… WHY?

I was comparing myself and my hopes and dreams to the main character in the show, and in my estimation I was coming up very short!

How was it that a fictitious character, played by a very average actor caused me to doubt myself?

How much of that characters’ clutter was I subconsciously responding to in my life?

I picked up a pen and diary and started to take some of my own advice (that stuff I have been writing over the past few months!).

I wrote down and answered some simple questions;

What makes me uncomfortable when I watch that show?

Is that “stuff” important to me?

Why or why not?

What do I want?

How can I use that uncomfortable trigger to fine tune ME?

What action can I take and what goals can I re-enforce to get to where I want to be?

After an hour I was feeling empowered and confident. I had successfully made a big breakthrough in my personal self identity. I had cut out everybody else’s clutter and was now leaner and more efficient on my path to achieving my goals.

you can do it too – its easy!

The secrets to this process are;

Self awareness, honesty and the suspension of judgement.

Take a moment to accept yourself as you are right now in the moment. Dare to dream about who and where you would like to be, and take a single step in that direction. That is the most important step you will take on your path to personal health wellness and happiness!