The only thing that is preventing you from achieving the goal that you want is FEAR!


Fear is an essential survival response, but if miss-applied, it is completely debilitating.

When crossing the road or handling a dangerous substance, the fear of loss, pain or death is what makes us exercise caution and proceed carefully.

The essential elements are “Exercise Caution” and “Proceed Carefully”.

You notice that these two statements involve a progression, not a block!


What are we afraid of?

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Pain
  • Embarrassment
  • Loss
  • (……………)your personal favourite!


An easy way around this fear is to set a “double goal”. Set a second goal beyond the one you want to achieve.

When I was studying, I struggled for years to complete a simple Bachelors degree. As soon as I pushed my goal forward – to a Ph.D., the Bachelors degree did not seem so daunting or important. the “What/ when  / if” question that was nagging at me, doing its best to keep me in my comfort zone was no longer relevant, and I achieve the Bachelors degree with ease (all I have to do now is get that Ph.D…).

What are you afraid of in life right now?

Set a goal beyond that fear.

Put a plan in place that will take you  carefully forward to that secondary goal. It is important to work within the fear parameter and exercise caution, but do not allow that caution to bring you to a grinding halt – make a point of moving forward consciously every day to wards that secondary goal.


Now that you have a secondary goal, ask yourself if that initial fear is still as severe as it once was. Do you still need it?

What purpose does it now serve, or can you pack it away in your box of “experience” for future reference?

How successful do you want to be?

What is holding you back for achieving that success?