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New Bright and Shiny Projects


“A=R+P, or Adventure equals risk plus purpose.”
Robert McClure


Have you ever watched a child in  toy store, and their tired looking harassed parents gagging for five minutes peace and strong cup of coffee?

“I want the Lego blocks, the faerie outfit, the kitten puzzle, the ‘Brat doll’ and the … Wow look at all the Barbies – I want Princess Barbie; Horsey Barbie; Barbie at home, Ken and Barbie, Beach Barbie , oh wow look mom a new…………


Mom or Dad stands resigned alongside the enraptured youngster looking overwhelmed. They can only afford one toy – but getting junior megalomaniac to choose is like trying to stop the waves breaking on a shoreline!

The child, in a frenzy of excitement  will rush from one toy to the next in a frantic attempt to play with all of them at the same time but not actually play with any.


Many people approach their lives this way, trying to Be and Do and Have everything in a panic of instant gratification and sadly achieve very little.

You get an idea and jump right in to reckless action. You get all excited, “This is THE idea that will set me free!” Then comes the inevitable day when the details of the project bog you down . Boredom sets in, and you look for another Bright Shiny Object to chase.

Just like enraptured junior megalomaniac, you are distracted with one bright shiny object after another. Never achieving success at any of them and feeling like an exhausted failure.

Then you say “But I am working so hard.”

When you are exhausted and burnt out, you look around and shout “Enough! There’s got to be an easier way!”


The easier way is in fact very simple –  focus on only one project at a time – all the way through to completion.

Leverage time, money, energy and skills responsibly.

Recognise that you don’t have to know everything about everything.

Hire experts and LISTEN to them.


Ask yourself these simple questions;
~ What’s the Return on Investment I can expect from this goal or project?
~ Will the achievement of this goal give me what I really, really, really want?
~ Do I really even know what I really, really really want?
~ What’s my plan?


Bright and Shiny
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