Do the Right Thing

“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar s, and to God the things that are Gods” Jesus

 How often have you strived to do the right thing, to be a good person, to help others, to make a difference in some one else’s life?

Exploring the limits of right and wrong!

It feels good, and is the “right” thing to do! BUT…

What if the lines start to become blurred?

By observing the message expressed in the above quotation, one would be expected to pay all tax, no matter how unjust it is!

What if you are an ardent supporter of South Africa’s E-tolls, and your opponent is not?

Is it not correct to pay for services rendered?


But we say, there is a tax built into the fuel price for roads… But we say, the government is wasting our money on frivolous stuff… But we say only certain road users must pay and the system is not fair… But we say, most of the money is not even going into the countries upgrades, it is going offshore as profit… But we say…..

Do you see how quickly doing the right thing can flip into “doing the wrong thing”?

How can we navigate this minefield of conflicting opinion and still initiate right action?

It is actually easier than one would think

If you are aware of yourself and your emotional responses to things, it is easy to observe your emotional reactions. The secret is to not respond to these emotional reactions immediately. Rather write them down and address them again in an hours time. This will give you time to either gather more information and make a better informed decision, or it will allow you a safety net that curtails un-necessary impulsiveness.

Expected emotional outcome

We all know right from wrong, and we all are swayed by emotion. The key to consistently doing the right thing by yourself and others is to balance the response to the expected emotional outcome, not the emotional motivation!

Take a moment to think about that, then draw up a list

How do I want to respond and why?

How should I respond and why?

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Do the Right Thing
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