“Have you ever considered that any real freedom(is the)

freedom from the opinions of others, freedom from the opinions of yourself?”

                                                                                                Colonel Kurtz

Apocalypse Now       


Who is your jailer, if not yourself?

Who limits you, if not yourself?

Who dreams for you, if not yourself?

Who implements for you, if not yourself?

Who is responsible for your freedom, if not yourself?

Freedom is a concept of limitless expansion. The opposite of freedom would be restraint, which implies limit, structure, order and the definition of parameters. Freedom represents a unique paradox, as one needs to know one’s limits or restrictions to be able to free one’s self from them. The very existence of the concept of freedom seems to constantly negate its self!

To truly understand the concept of freedom, in every single sphere of our existence, is to consider that freedom is nothing without an accompanying personal responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is nothing more that another limitation and possibly even an excuse for idleness!

To be truly free from something, one has to be able to implement a change to the restrictive aspect of that freedom, and to do that one needs to be able to effectively respond to the consequences of the actions of the change. Great freedom fighters and strategists of the last few hundred years understood this (Washington, Tutu, Mandela, Sharon, Guevara, Bismark, Cromwell, Robespierre, to name a few).

Now lets apply this concept of freedom to our wellness goals – spiritual, physical and mental!

Where would you like to be on your path to obtaining those goals in three months, one year and three years?

What limitations do you need to change to allow yourself to be free?

What part of that change do you fear and why?

Are you willing to take personal responsibility for that freedom?


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