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 “Money and Destiny”


“If you create an act, you create a habit

If you create a habit, you create a character,

If you create a character, you create a destiny.”

Andre Maurois 1885 – 1967



One of the great stressors that we have in our lives is money!

It is intricately linked to our survival and the abundance or lack of money in our modern world can physically influence our wellness.


What is this thing called MONEY?

The thing we are taught to work and strive for.


Money is a man-made concept. Nature has no need for money or the idea of money. Nature gives and takes with a free abundance, providing all that is necessary for abundant life, or death and re generation. The natural cycle continues without money!

Ironically the very concept of money, the medium to facilitate prosperity has become a destroyer of prosperity.


Have you noticed how money, the facilitator of prosperity, has acquired the reputation as “the root of all evil”?

This perception is most often ascribed to by people to whom we look for guidance – healers, alternative practitioners and some belief systems. It is as if struggle and lack is a prerequisite for being good, spiritual and all things holy!


All this is exacerbated by our own personal relationship with money, or the idea of money. The wisdom of our parents, good or bad; our first experiences with money; our feelings of self worth and value and response to peer group pressure relating to abundance and money.


Money is not about currency it is a mechanism to facilitate the flow of abundance and prosperity from all of us, to all of us, for all of us. Money is a convenient and fair way to exchange energy, labour, knowledge or produce.


Now, positive thinking principles assert that matter follows thought, so if  most of us are consciously or subconsciously reluctant to ‘have’, we actively choose not to have. It is your choice, a choice that you can change!


Are you willing to reinvent the money concept.

Let us redefine “Money and Destiny” to mean the right of each of us to manifest our own wealth, abundance and destiny as we choose, no limit!


Take some time this week to explore your destiny:

What are you striving for?

Is this your choice?

What, where, how would you like to be?

How can you change gracefully and responsibly?

Get What You Want!
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