Gratefull Goals and Guilt

A new year, a new life!

Well that’s what we are all lead to believe, and why not?

We all did the very best that we could last year, and now we are looking towards the future with hope and optimism!

To maximise our success this year, I suggest that we all focus briefly on the three G’s.

Gratefull, Goals and Guilt.

Now lets get these into perspective…

Gratefull does not mean humble submission to ourselves or others for a stipend received, but rather a humble congratulation of ones self for successes and goals achieved. This allows us to gauge our performance, re assess our motivations and shows us where our weaknesses are so we can start to change them into strengths.

Goals – as discussed previously are nothing more than points upon which we can focus our attention. We could also be extreme and call them “greed points”. In so doing, we are encouraged to say “I want”. To do this, we have to know what it is that we want!

A goal excludes the peripheral clutter and forces us to zoom in on  what it is that we what and how we want to achieve it.

Guilt is a unique and complex emotion cultivated by the culture and society in which we live. Its primary purpose it to get the collective to behave in a manner that is acceptable to the others in the collective. If we observe our feelings of guilt, we can use it as a wonderful indicator of our performance or lack there of in relation to our responsibility to society. Use your guilt to find reasons and motivations for being gratefull and goals.

This weeks challenge – write down five answers to the following and use these answers to fine tune your life;

What do you have to be grateful for from last year?

What are your goals this year?

What do you feel guilty about?

Gratefull Goals and Guilt
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