“If you can find a way of doing what you love doing

to earn your living then you will be authentically happy”

Martin Seligman, psychologist and author of ‘Learned Optimism’ and

‘Authentic Happiness’


I am sure that every single one of you instinctively knows and understands this!

The key to unlock your happiness and your personal power is HONESTY!


Being honest with yourself requires a great deal of courage, but once mastered it becomes second nature.

You may be wondering what honesty has to do with wellness!

Looking at wellness and wellness concepts closely, one finds that it is all about understanding ones self, and then taking that understanding and doing something positive for ourselves with it.

To humbly sit and observe ourselves, with all our strengths and weaknesses, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves. There is no other way to approach life and achieve and maintain sustainable success without being honest with ones self.


Without honesty we have no starting point, and we will tend to just follow blindly and eventually burn out. We then strive to cultivate resilience so that we can follow the “heard” more closely for longer, and then burn out.


Be honest with yourself now – is that what you really want?


Take half an hour off from your life to be honest with yourself.

Write down (with a pen on a piece of paper!) your strengths and weaknesses, your responsibilities and goals. Write down your dreams of who you would like to be, and give an explanation of why.

Come back to your list the next day and see how you can build on your strengths, counter your weaknesses and how you can work towards achieving your dream, or even change your dream!


Give yourself half a chance – be honest with yourself, make small changes and start to live in a better world, one of your own making.


~  What would you rather be doing?

~  What would your life be like if you were doing it?

~  What do you need to change?

~  What is your plan?




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