Losing Creates our Success!

I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing. Anais Nin

  • If you fail at something, you are a loser… right?
  • If you lose a game, you are not good enough…right?
  • If you question some forms of authority, you are a loser… right?
  • If you are different, you are a loser… right?

Hmm, I wonder… If we believed the above statements, and the millions of other similar statements, we would all be losers!

What is wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with losing, one could argue that the driving force of progress and civilization is the ability to lose and use that loss as a foundation for change!

Losing creates our success!

The problem with losing is the judgment that results from it, or in some cases actually causes it. This judgment comes from a perceived expectation of yourself or another about what is right and wrong, and as such is nothing more than an idea or a fixed perspective.

Mature people, something which we all strive to be I presume, have the ability to take their losses and use them as a foundation for change. For them, loss is nothing more than fuel which they use to drive them forward into their success.

Losing gives us courage

Losing seems to force a person to find the courage to do three things;

  1. To live life irrespective of the outcome and be responsible for it.
  2. Change one’s approach
  3. Reassess their personal resources and re allocate those resources.

Managing loss allows one to strip away the outer layer of expectation, illusion and false identity. It allows one to find their strength and their true identity, and it allows one to achieve exactly what one wants to achieve without external limitation. We all have only two choices when facing loss, we can either enslave ourselves to it, or we can use it to succeed. As soon as we decide to use loss, the above mentioned three resources guide us towards our success. It is a natural evolutionary progression. All we have to do is decide and act on that decision.

Take some time to look at your personal losses in life so far. See how you have recovered from those losses and how you can use your loss to fine tune your path to success.

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Losing Creates our Success!
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