Passion Spice

“PASSION – A strong enthusiasm for something, any strongly felt emotion, an intense desire or enthusiasm” The Collins English Dictionary   What is your passion spice? When we mention passion, most of us will have visions of sultry sex and sensuality, and we would not be wrong, but there is so much more to the experience of passion as felt by us human beings! Without passion, life is dull, uneventful, boring and mundane, yet add that human spice called passion and suddenly things are alive, fun worthwhile and challenging.

Passion is a catalyst

Passion, for humans is a catalyst. Without passion, there would be very little progress, few inventions and we would tend to stagnate. We are not judging the right or wrong, good or bad of passion, just observing how a single emotive phenomenon changes, motivates and drives us forward to greater heights of success and achievement. What are your personal passions in life? What drives you forward to achieve?

Are you stuck?

If you feel as if you are stuck, going no where fast, like a pet hamster running on its treadmill, what would you like to be doing? What would you like to change? If you are stuck, and have no idea what your passions are, take half an hour to browse through a book store. Take note of what sections hold your attention. Why do you gravitate to these sections? In most cases where you stop in a book store will show you where your hidden passions lie! Do something small each day in that field and see how your world view starts to change in a very short space of time. See how much more satisfied you are with yourself, and how motivated you are to change your life towards your passion in a responsible way.

Add your Passion Spice!

I dare you to add a pinch of “passion spice” to your life and see how your flavours start to emerge! What is my rout though a book store? How can I add a taste of those genres to my life? How much better are my stress levels now that “passion spice” is working in my life?

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Passion Spice
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