Executive Summary

Welcome to the most practical, innovative and empowering Stress Awareness Workshop!

Stress is the modern term for the basic instinct all forms of life have – the will to survive. Stress is a chemical, hormonal response in the body and its only function is to keep you alive under extreme circumstances. Your stress points to a specific moment in time when your perceived demands threatened to outweigh its perceived survival resources.

Two Hour Empowerment

In two hours, learn to positively identify stress in your life, understand the basic physiological and chemical pathways of stress, and how to consciously enhance your stress experience to maximize your performance and harmonize your life.

Teaching You to Cope

The STRESS AWARENESS WORKSHOP is designed to teach individuals to cope more effectively with the stress in their work environment as well as in their personal lives. It is based on simple proactive principles to empower the individual to consciously decide to be pro-active and solution orientated as well as understand how their thought process adds or reduces stress in their lives.

Understanding Your Individual Stress

The primary objective is to teach individuals how to understand their personal stressors, and maintain optimal stress levels in order that performance and efficiency can be sustained for longer periods of time.

This is done by teaching the individuals to be more relaxed, alert and focused which will help to increased productivity.

This two hour Stress Awareness Workshop simplifies the basics of stress so that the individual can understand the root causes of stress, and be able to implement an immediate stress management strategy to optimise their performance.


Two Step Program with Practical Course of Action

Step 1:

PERCEPTION creates an understanding of the uniqueness of stress and what it means to the individual.

Step 2:

AWARENESS helping the delegate to be aware of the dynamics of life and how their individual reactions to them will determine the level of stress that they experience.

Maxamise Your Performance

This program creates personal understanding, coping strategies and personal empowerment practices that will help you to prioritise life situations so that you can maximise your performance and job satisfaction. It is designed to have the maximum positive impact on the delegates, and to have the minimum impact on the valuable time constraints of your company.

The workshop is suitable for all people in your organization; it is not exclusively for executives or sales staff!

A comprehensive book of course material is provided in PDF format with the workshop.




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