Executive Summary

Welcome to one of the most practical, innovative and empowering Stress Management Seminars available today

The Woad Stress Management Seminar is designed to teach individuals to cope more effectively with the stress in their work environment as well as in their personal lives. The Woad Stress Management Workshop is based on simple principles to empower the individual to consciously decide to be pro-active and solution orientated as well as understand how their thought process adds or reduces stress in their lives.

Primary Objective

The Woad Stress Management Workshops primary objective is to teach individuals how to understand their personal stressors, and maintain optimal stress levels in order that performance and efficiency can be sustained for longer periods of time. 

Primary objectives are;

  • Personal understanding of stress – What physiologically stress is in our bodies and why we have it
  • Coping strategies for stress – Assessing our personal situations and existing stress responses.
  • Personal empowerment and resilience practices – Developing changed behaviour patterns to maximise experience and efficiency.

This half day Stress Management Workshop strips away unnecessary ambiguity around stress  so that the individual can understand the root causes of stress, and be able to implement an immediate stress management strategy to optimise their performance.

Deliverable Outcomes

 This program creates;

  • What stress is and why we have it.
  • Physiology of stress, how our bodies respond to stress.
  • Stress triggers and awareness.
  • Post Traumatic Stress processing.
  • Immediate stress coping techniques.
  • Building resilience for the future.
  • Mindfulness relaxation and meditation techniques.

The Woad Stress Management workshop is designed to have the maximum positive impact on the delegates, and to have the minimum impact on the valuable time constraints of your company. This Woad Stress Management executive summary is short and concise, for more detailed information, please contact me.

Presented by: Craig Cox (PhD, M.Msc, CHT, CPT)

Craig, the founder of Woad Stress Management is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He travels where ever needed to present these workshops.

Craig was instrumental is writing the SAQUA (US ID 15096) two day stress management course. He found the course to be overly complicated and long, so combined the best aspects of the course with his extensive learning and life experience to create this half day immediate intervention stress management program.

Extensive Experience

Through his varied life experience he has identified a need for a simple, detailed course that empowers people to understand their stress and to be able to deal with it efficiently.

In 1990 he started an export business trading into in Africa, a uniquely stressful environment. Whilst traveling and working in Africa he underwent a four year apprenticeship to become a qualified Traditional African Herbalist (Inyanga).

Broad Education

He has extensively studied the major world religions as well as various fields of personal spiritual enlightenment. His classical education encompasses the fields of Philosophy, Psychology, Music, Literature, Hypnotherapy, Part Therapy, IT, Archaeology, Geology and Spiritual Counseling.

Experiences gained over the last 18 years have resulted in the composition of this material.


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