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Stress Management Seminar and Training


This Stress Management seminar and training is multi-faceted, intensive and fun!

The seminar is factual, practical and has specific deliverable outcomes. These outcomes are designed to equip people to practically cope with the stress in their lives and work place. In addition to this, the material presented equips people with post traumatic stress management and resilience building techniques.

  • Craig presents at your office or other facility of your choice.
  • Half day fun, information intensive seminar including Mind Dynamics and Goal Activation
  • Progressive syntax embedded relaxation session included.
  • 1 to 20 delegates per session
  • ZOOM sessions will be arranged on request


Deliverable Outcomes of the Seminar

Stress is the modern term for the basic instinct all forms of life have – the will to survive. 

Stress is a chemical, hormonal response in the body and its only function is to keep you alive under extreme circumstances. Your stress points to a specific moment in time when your perceived demands threatened to outweigh its perceived survival resources.

The seminar covers the following;

  • What stress is and why we have it.
  • Physiology of stress, how our bodies respond to stress.
  • Stress triggers and awareness.
  • Post Traumatic Stress processing.
  • Immediate stress coping techniques.
  • Building resilience for the future.
  • Mindfulness relaxation and meditation techniques.


Holistic Stress Management

This Seminar is a unique blend of physiology, psychology, conscious awareness skills and syntax embedded imagery relaxation which is specifically designed to simply and effectively give you the skills to understand, cope with and positively enhance your stress experience.


For Immediate Intervention, you can purchase Craig's Books!

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