Who are you?

Who Are you?


Do you want to change?



“All it takes is a dream, a team, and a theme to create a stream of perpetual income. ”
Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen – Then One Minute Millionaire


On face value there seem to be two principal types of people in the world: Pioneers & Maintainers.


Pioneers are rugged individualists who want to blaze new trails, go it alone, start and run their own businesses. They however can easily become bogged down with routine, detail and the mundane.


Maintainers love stability. They prefer to travel on established roads, highways of order, rules, systems and structures. They thrive in routine, detail and structure.


What we don’t always realise that these two opposites are alive and well within us!

Neither is better than the other in that we need both for us to function at our optimal social, spiritual and economic level.


Identifying the time and place for each character to come forward and contribute to our lives can at times be problematic, and the results in most cases are inappropriate… I am sure we are all acutely aware of this!

Managing the tension between the two is often the cause of great anxiety and stress.

We tend to focus on the aspect that we are most comfortable with and neglect our weaknesses, there by exacerbating the separation and difference between the two.


To balance these aspects, we need to understand in any given moment and at any given time who we are.


Who are you?

How can you balance the other?

What do you want to achieve?


Who are you?
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