Why are you hiding?

Are You Hiding?

“Being available – that changes everything”

Michael Gerber

We spend too much of our lives hiding!

Look around you, apart from a few infuriatingly egotistical megalomaniacs, we spend so much of our time trying to fly under the radar and not get noticed.

We shun responsibility; sidestep accountability; avoid involvement; and are embarrassed by compliments. We sometimes feel as if we can’t or won’t confront others and even maintaining eye contact is difficult.

We are content to complain in the background, with the anonymous people where it is safe.

We would not think of coming up with a solution and worse yet actually doing anything about it, because – what if its wrong?

Being content to live our lives in the shadows, we miss out on the sunshine. Reluctant to step out, we miss our adventures, afraid to stand in the wind we never experience our true selves, we are afraid of what society thinks we should BE or DO or HAVE.


Do you always help others and not accept help yourself?

How many good ideas do you have right now?

Take a chance!  Be available to listen and share your opinion!

You are a unique individual, and your opinion counts!

What if we could all shine in our lives as brightly as the great leaders we so revere?

Be the hero in your own life for no other reason than – you can!

Take some time this week to observe your life:
~ What are you hiding from?
~ Where are you hiding?
~ Why are you hiding?
~ What would happen if you put yourself forward?

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Why are you hiding?
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