Wonder – noun, strange or remarkable thing. Happy emotion caused by what is unexpected.

When last did you experience a sense of wonder?

When last did you experience a strange or remarkable thing?

When last were you happily surprised?

Spiritual Gurus

When the so called spiritual masters and gurus say that we must become like children to experience god or divinity or enlightenment, this is what they mean. They don’t expect us to petulantly stamp our feat and scream until we get our own way! They are encouraging us to experience the world with a new, possibly more mature sense of wonder!

Wonder serves to enhance our uniqueness, our individual sense of freedom and satisfaction. It is that mystery ingredient that changes our day form Dickens’s industrial melancholy madness into something to be engaged, explored and enjoyed. Wonder enables us to conceptualise, plan and thrive!

Wonderful Awareness

Most of us commute to and from work every day in either a car, taxi, or train. Take a moment to consider the amount of thought, time, planning, education and hours of studying that has gone into the conceptualisation, manufacture, testing and production of your preferred mode of transport. Who mined and alloyed the metals, farmed and produced the rubber, synthesised the plastics and polymers?

Where were these parts produced, and how did they get to the assembly line?

How many thousands of people are involved in the production of that vehicle?

What were they feeling while they were mining, molding or producing that specific part?

Is it not wonderful that you can commute in such a complicated composite vehicle?

Now look around you at your house, your furniture, your office, your clothes!

How wonderful is your life!

How wonderful is it that every where we look we see the collaboration of millions and millions of designers, engineers, inventors, workers all working for the specific purpose of making our life easier!

Take a moment every day this week to look around you and see just how wonderful things really are. Then decide how you can make better decisions to allow positive change into your life, and allow the wonder of the universe to create for you what you desire.

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