You Are What You Think

You Are what you THINK!


“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

Proverbs 23:7


Scary thought?

How much data do you process every minute of every day?

How much of that data is relevant to your survival?

How much of that data has been chosen by you?


Technology allows you to be connected 24/7 to our friends, family and all the good things in our lives, BUT the same technology connects you, with the same insistent intensity to the pressures of work, politics and sneaky marketing trends!


When you have your “alone time”, or “home time” how many times per hour do you indulge in a non “you” activity – make or take a non personal call, check an email, receive a world “disaster” news update, or a sneaky Facebook or Twitter update?

Why do these people and things have instant and direct access to you any time that they choose?


This is the way of the world in which we live, but is it really necessary to answer an email while waiting for the movie to start, or during the intermission of our child’s school play?

Will the world really end if you attend to things at a more appropriate time?


Most of us have attended a “Mind Power” seminar, or have understood the concept of focusing your thoughts, positive thinking or another similar thought – material world connection system. These types of mental focus systems are very real and very important, and are mentioned  and even institutionalised most of the worlds major religions. Meditation and prayer focus the intention, forgiveness releases negative thoughts and emotions there by encouraging equilibrium.

These systems were introduced and explained by the wise masters and mistresses of old to help us de-clutter, de-stress and focus.


That’s great, BUT how can we do this if we are on call 24/7, constantly under pressure from other people who themselves are under pressure from other people or perceived circumstance?

On a sub conscious level, the perpetual troubleshooting clutter naturally focuses us on the external chaos in the world which in turn manifests its self in some way in our lives.


So what can we do about it?


to live IN the world, try not to be OF the world. Focus on being proactive instead of reactive, and try to switch the constant stream of clutter off for a time at least once a day.


The lesson is to bring your attention to yourself and to start to live in the world but not be products of it. To fix our minds, hearts and actions on the principle around which our

lives are based. To focus on our own purpose and to draw ourselves

towards our own Higher Quality of Life.


Take some time this week to explore the focus of your life:

~ What do you think about all day long?

~ What are you attracting into your life as a result?

You Are What You Think
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