Let us train you and your company to stress less and achieve more


Have you noticed that all people around the world, irrespective of race, religion, culture or gender, struggle at times to understand and cope with that interesting response we call STRESS!

This course was developed by Craig, a professional Hypnotherapist, Part Therapist and down to earth Life Coach.

Learn from his wealth of experience in Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality and the ruthless corporate environment of commodities trading.

Craig has combined real life experience with physiology and mind dynamics to bring you this unique and effective system


Woad Stress Management was started in 2008 by Craig. It is a South African company specialising in assisting people to better understand themselves and their environment in a simple non threatening manner.

Woad Stress Management presents an effective, honest, Stress Management and Awareness program that is designed to assist people in all countries where excessive stress is experienced.

Craig currently lectures on Stress, Wellness and Meditation, and consults in Johannesburg and Pretoria as a RSA and USA Certified Hypnotherapist, Parts Therapist, Spiritual and Life Coach.


An excellent course at an excellent price! Thank you! Well worth the money!
Thank you so much Craig for the information you presented in your course. It made so much sense and helped me keep focused through my trying time! Thanks again



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