Let us train you and your company to manage stress, be resilient and achieve more


Woadstress has developed and presents a unique and active life changing stress management, post traumatic stress management and resilience building seminar.

Woad Stress Management is a South African company specialising in assisting people to better understand themselves and their environment in a simple non threatening manner.

Effective and Honest

We understand your trauma and present an effective, honest, Stress Management and Awareness program that is designed to assist people in all countries where excessive stress is experienced.

We lift the veil of mystery that has been built up around stress and give a person an understanding of;

  • What stress is, why we have it.
  • How our bodies respond to stress.
  • How we deal with trauma and post traumatic stress.

Coping and Resilience Techniques

Simple and easy coping techniques are taught as well as techniques to build resilience for the individual for future responses.

Woad Stress Management has a simple, holistic and personalised stress management, post traumatic stress and resilience building system for you!


This course was developed by Craig Cox. He holds a PhD in Philosophy, a masters degree in Meditation and Quantum Theory and is a professional Hypnotherapist, Part Therapist and down to earth Life Coach.

Learn from his wealth of experience in Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality and the ruthless corporate environment of commodities trading.

Craig has combined real life experience with physiology and mind dynamics to bring you this unique and effective system that will concurrently manage your stress, address your PTSD and build resilience.

Craig currently lectures on Stress, Wellness and Meditation, and consults in Johannesburg and Pretoria as a RSA and USA Certified Hypnotherapist, Parts Therapist, Spiritual and Life Coach.



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