You are already GOOD ENOUGH!

You are already GOOD ENOUGH!

Have you ever thought that you are already good enough?

When a baby is born, it is perfect, yet its usefulness to our world and society is just about zero!
The baby is vocal, demanding and messy yet it gets 100% support and affection from all those around it!
As we grow older and become more useful, we start to become stuck, unable to move forward, scared of slipping back, caught in the every day survival grind.

Why the nonsensical paradox?

Some of the problems that keep us stuck in these spaces of quiet desperation are poor self image, self esteem, and self confidence. These negative traits infuse our society at every level and as such, the societies in which we function perpetuate them!
These feelings of “not being good enough” cause us to under-perform, create a sense of lack, promote underachievement and can even create toxic relationships. These negatives that we experience then serve to prove to ourselves that we are “not good enough”, and further undermine our confidence and self image!

this comes from the performance reward system on which our current society is structured – you either win or lose the game, make it or are dropped from the team, reach the target or get fired, pass or fail.
The problem with this system is that it rewards in-animate concept and not individual ability.

Prove your value to yourself

To break this cycle, you need to start proving to yourself how good you really are.
Start from the premise of “I Am Already Good Enough!”
You are unique, you are you and you are good at what you do. Congratulate yourself first, then find ways to improve.

This week repeat to yourself the phrase “I AM ALREADY GOOD ENOUGH”.
Repeat as often as possible through out the day, and at the end of the week see how you feel!

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You are already GOOD ENOUGH!
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